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Red wine good for teeth? | Pymble Family Dentist


Did you know chemicals in red wine called proanthocyanidins have strong antioxidant properties that work to prevent bacteria from sticking to saliva and teeth?
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A new Dutch study reveals that men who drink red wine on a daily basis live about four years longer on average than non-drinkers. While red wine has long been touted as having benefits for heart health, it’s only through recent research that the effects of the beverage have been tested for how it effects longevity.

But, before you load up on that case of merlot, be aware that the study focused on men who only drank half a glass of wine a day, and drinkers should be cautious:
“‘Since alcohol consumption can be addictive, starting to drink alcohol because of its positive health benefits is not advised,’ says researcher Martinette Streppel in an American Heart Association news release.”
And medical professionals caution that these results are not final; continued testing needs to be done to come to any sort of conclusive evidence.
Will red wine one day become the secret to a longer life? Or will the health risks associated with alcoholism override its benefits?
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