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Reception/Waiting Area

For many people, it’s quite nerve wrecking visiting a dentist. We recognise this, and try to ensure that you always feel comfortable when you come to our practice. Whether you are walking in to get some information, or are coming in for your treatment, we want you to be relaxed and comfortable – it will make your experience so much smoother.

As a family dentist, we pride ourselves in offering a range of services to suit most of you while you wait: a large, flat screen TV with a selection of movies, a good choice of reading material and magazines, toys for different age groups, plus a help yourself Nespresso machine. Because we are usually on time with your appointment, we don’t expect you to be sitting in this area for long, but we also like to cater for your driver, parent, or friend that is waiting for you whilst you are in the treatment room.

Your Treatment

Dental chair

Visiting your dentist is never easy. As well as being gentle, thorough, and putting you at ease as best we can we also have your comfort and safety in hand. Our dental chair is a leading American brand (A-Dec) which runs smoothly and is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, especially during those longer appointments. Only distilled water is used for mouth rinsing and for the water that is sprayed through the chair’s surgical attachments, ensuring a clean and sterile environment during treatment.

Ceiling TV

We have kitted out the treatment room with a flat screen TV that sits on the ceiling above your chair – we have found that this distraction is really effective in relaxing you during treatment, and it’s a huge winner with kids – getting their teeth checked is a breeze now they can watch their favourite TV show!

Completely digital

Today technology affects all aspects of our life, and we are proud to have built our practice without one piece of paper – yes, completely paperless! Your medical history, doctors’ letters, treatment records, x-rays and images are all stored digitally. The wonder of this technology is that we can get an x-ray image of your teeth magnified on the screen in less than 10 seconds. Also our intra oral camera can capture instant images of your teeth showing details that you could never spot by simply looking in a mirror.

The beauty of running a completely digital practice is that we can transfer your medical information in a second. With a mouse click we can send your records to your home email address or send a referral letter to your doctor’s practice. It is safe, effective, space saving and energy efficient.

Top quality equipments and dental materials

We use only the best dental equipment and materials on the market. Our hand piece attachments and instruments used during surgery are the leading Japanese brand, NSK. NSK have been around since the 1930s, and are well known for their excellent quality, reliability and seamless functionality. Our materials are from major suppliers such as 3M and GC Corporation; credible organisations with established client lists and evidence based statistics supporting their products. Your wellbeing is our priority.

Sterilising Room

To ensure your safety, we use sophisticated sterilising equipment and strictly adhere to the Australian Dental Association Sterilisation Guidelines. The vessel that we sterilise our equipment in (autoclave machine) is the leading German brand, Melag. The machine is heated to 134°C and set at a really high pressure which kills off all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Any instruments that have been in your mouth during treatment are either used once only or are autoclaved. The reusable instruments that are autoclaved are first manually scrubbed under running tap water, and then immersed in an ultrasonic bath filled with cleaning solvent and enzymes for six minutes. They are then dried and bagged in sterilising pouches and autoclaved. Each pouch has its own barcode which allows us to track every single item of equipment and the details of its use in our practice.

Full Disabled Access and Facility

When we designed our clinic we knew it was essential to accommodate our elderly and disabled patients. So, we are on the ground floor with shop frontage, and we have a wheelchair entrance. This facilitates the coming and going from our practice for these patients — no stairs, steps or nooks and crannies to navigate! We also have a full size disabled toilet. We know these things make a vast difference to our elderly patients and those with disabilities, and we are happy to make their visit less stressful and more streamlined.

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