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How Oral Diseases Affects General Health

How Oral Diseases Affects General Health?

For many in dental care industry, the biggest “takeaway” from the report wasn’t the social issues addressed by the report, but statistical evidence that dental care is a lot more important than many perceive it to be.

Approximately one-third of Australians surveyed reported dental conditions that caused discomfort when eating. Approximately one-fourth reported that they stay away from certain foods because of the pain and/or difficulty involved in eating them due to oral disease. A near-identical number reported that their dental conditions caused them “embarrassment,” leading to a feeling of being self-conscious over their teeth.

The report also mentioned documented links between oral disease and systemic conditions. Periodontal disease, in particular, is linked to severe systemic conditions, the worst being cardiovascular disease. Periodontal disease in expectant mothers has also been linked to low birth weight and to babies being born prematurely.

In addition, periodontal disease can appear as a symptom of systemic illnesses. HIV and Hepatitis C infections cause periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can also present as a symptom of infective endocarditis, aspiration pneumonia and some nutritional deficiencies.

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